Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions on our shipping

Examples of average shipping costs for products not requiring freight shipping (this can change due to destination, weight, or CA tax fees):

FEDEX Ground:
Small size items: $35
Medium size items: $40
Light Weight Medium size items: $30

(Note: All individually sold Ford Barn Door Hooks or Chevrolet Windshield Pod Mounts will use USPS for $9.99. Payment will be requested after purchase.)

Question: How can I get the cost for shipping before I order?

If you would like a shipping quote on any products, please email us at In the subject line, write “Shipping Cost Quote”. We will need your name, full address, if destination address is residential or commercial, and the desired products.

Please include this info or else we will be unable to process your shipping quote request. Due to the high demand of inquiries, estimated wait time is 1-3 business days. This is for shipping prices only.

Shipping FAQs

1Why am I having to pay shipping and/or CA taxes (if located in CA) separately?
Due to our site being under construction, we are also doing all shipping/tax fees separately (as referred on the website during check out). You can view these fees via your invoice when the shipping department contacts you. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We sincerely appreciate your patience during our transition. We look forward to debuting this website soon.
2What is the core charge?
For all our Ford E-Series suspension lift kits, we require a refundable core charge fee in exchange for your old i-beams. Getting back the cores is essential to keeping the lift kits going for the next customer and so on. This charge is to ensure we receive these i-beams. If we don’t receive them back, we have to send one of our mechanics on a hunt for more i-beams at various junkyards. Since they have stopped making the econoline van, i-beams are very limited/hard to find. Our policy states that you have 30 days after receiving your kit to return your i-beams. If you need an extension, please contact us via phone or email to request an extension. We are more than happy to accommodate you.
3How do I send my cores?
You can send your cores via your preferred shipping carrier. We recommend you use FEDEX. Please make sure you send both i-beams together. You can zip tie them and wrap them tightly with duct tape. You can also use a box of your own dimensions. Please make sure your name (not your business) is somewhere on the label or package so we can confirm they are from you. It roughly costs $75 via FEDEX to send them.
4How can I pay for shipping?
The shipping department will calculate the best rate according to where your item is being shipped and will contact you. You can pay via the invoice sent by pressing the “View and Pay Invoice” button in your email. If you are having your item shipped to Canada and you do not have an American Debit/Credit Card, you will be requested via PayPal
5 I live outside the U.S., how does shipping work for me?
We only ship within the U.S. and Canada. You have the option of giving us the address of a U.S. based freight forwarder you are working with to have it sent outside of U.S./Canada territories. We do not make recommendations for freight forwarders. Please write a note of this in the comment section of your order for our shipping department!
6How long will it take until I receive my order?
Our latest lead times are located on the page of the item you purchased. Typically, it takes 1 week additionally in transit to be sent to you via freight if purchasing a lift kit and a 2-5 business days via FEDEX Ground for other items. If you are purchasing a smaller individual item, such as our popular Ford E-Series Barn Door Hook, we will use USPS with a flat-rate fee (typically $8.55).
7When will I get my tracking number?
You will receive a tracking number for your order once your order is fully paid, processed and packaged. Check your junk mail in case you do not see an email from FEDEX with your tracking information. If you have purchased a suspension lift kit or larger item that requires a pallet, your item will be shipped via FEDEX LTL Select Freight.
8 How does delivery via FEDEX LTL Select work?
Once you receive your tracking number, you will be able to see the status of your purchase after it is picked up from our headquarters. You will receive updates via the email you provided by LTL Select. Please keep an eye on your shipment’s tracking so you can be available for delivery when it is time. If you wish for guaranteed delivery time, please make note of this request at time of purchase of your order as an additional fee will be added.
9Where can I get am estimate for the whole purchase?
For a complete estimate, please email us at with “Estimate Request” in the subject line with your name, full address, if destination address is residential or commercial, and the desired products.

If you have any questions that were not covered here, feel free to email us at with “Shipping Question” in the subject line. Thank you and we look forward to working with you.