Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions


1Can I install a WeldTec Designs lift kit myself?
We at WeldTec HIGHLY suggest professional installation on all our products. Some of these components weigh more than 100lbs. Thus, harm or injury can occur when installing or removing these components. Furthermore, your safety is our number one priority. An improperly installed component that fails during driving conditions can result in property damage, injury, or death. We can not emphasize enough that all our products be installed by trained and certified professionals. If you need help finding a recommended installer in your area, feel free to reach out to us by phone or Email.
2What is the warranty on WeldTec Designs products?
All WeldTec Designs proprietary hard products are offered with a 3 Year / 30,000-mile warranty against manufacturing defects (welds, cracks, breakage, etc.) to the original purchaser. Improper use or installation of WeldTec Designs products will not be covered under warranty. All non-WeldTec Designs products offered through WeldTec Designs are covered under their manufacturer warranty and vary per manufacturer. For more information contact us directly via phone or Email.
3Will my vehicle need an alignment after I install a WeldTec Designs component(s)?
Yes; we suggest an alignment after ANY suspension component has been changed, modified, or otherwise. A vehicle with improper alignment specifications can result in poor tire wear and poor driving characteristics as well as premature wear and failure of driving components. Additional alignment correction components may be needed to align your vehicle and generally the shop performing the alignment will have these available.
4Where are WeldTec Designs products made?
All WeldTec Designs products are manufactured in house at our facility in San Diego, California. Our WeldTec Designs products are manufactured using USA sourced materials and labor. We are a proud American owned and operated company.
5Will a WeldTec Designs lift kit affect my towing capacity?
Generally, no. If you elect to purchase a kit with rear lift blocks nothing will be changed to the capacity of the vehicles towing capabilities. However, if you elect to purchase and install our progressive leaf springs, we do recommend a weight distribution hitch. Towing over your vehicles suggested capacity and weight rating is not only dangerous but will also void your WeldTec Designs warranty.
6Can WeldTec Designs lift kit components be sold individually?
No, WeldTec Designs products are designed and manufactured specifically to work in conjunction with one another (i.e., shocks are valved and designed for our springs and arms, etc.). We do not sell shocks, I-beams, Lift coils, radius arms, and more separately or individually. NO EXCEPTIONS.
7I don’t see my vehicle listed on your website; do you offer products for it?
WeldTec Designs is constantly updating our catalog of products for new vehicle applications. However, we only offer the products listed on our website. Generally, these products are exclusive to Chevy, Ford, and Nissan vans and RV’s. We do not offer custom vehicle modifications to any vehicle not listed on our website.
8 I have received my estimate and see a “core charge”, what does this mean?
A core charge on an item is used by many manufactures to incentivize the purchaser to return their used or OEM product. The manufacturer refurbishes or modifies the OEM product or part(s) to their specification for later sale. Once the factory used product is returned to the manufacturer, the credit is issued.
9Does WeldTec Designs offer financing?
Yes, we offer PayPal Credit. This finance option is offered independently and exclusively: WeldTec Designs does not and will not guarantee your acceptance, A.P.R., or financing options through an outside financing option. WeldTec Designs does not hold any liability to the terms and conditions listed for outside financing options. Feel free to contact one of our sales representatives for further questions or concerns.
10Does WeldTec Designs offer sponsorship?
Yes, however, it is rare. WeldTec Designs is always looking for like minded individuals with large social media presences and active platforms to promote the WeldTec Designs brand. If you feel you would be a great match for partnership / sponsorship, feel free to send us an Email!
11What is the largest tire I can fit on my vehicle with a WeldTec Designs lift kit?
The suggested tire size (largest) and wheel offset / size is listed in the specifications tab on the item page. This information is based on the data we have collected during our thousands of lifts we have personally installed. However, WeldTec Designs cannot guarantee that fitment on every single vehicle and trimming may be required.

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