*The pricing we extend to our Direct Dealers is based on Sales Volume*

  • Level 1 – 5% off listed price
  • Level 2 – 10% off listed price
  • Level 3 – 15% off listed price
  • Level 4 – 20% off listed price
  • “Listed Price” is the price posted on WeldTec Designs website ONLY.
  • Custom pricing options can be made available to higher volume dealers upon WeldTec Designs approval.
  • Dealers MAP can be no greater or less than WeldTec Designs websites listed price.
  • WeldTec Designs reserves the right to carry different discounts based on the lift kits/accessories.

All new dealers by default are assigned to “Level 1” pricing. “Level 1” members will be promoted to “Level 2” after $10,000.00 in orders made through our direct site weldtecdesigns.com OR an order done manually over the phone with a WeldTec Designs representative. Then again at each additional $10,000.00 intervals dealers will continue to move up to the next level topping out at “Dealer Level 4”. These discounts are for WeldTec Designs proprietary products or lift kits. Products/accessories from 3RD Parties that WeldTec Designs carry’s may not be eligible for the same discounts. All discounts and individual product prices are subject to change at any time. Freight/shipping is not included in any products and will not be discounted.