It’s a known fact that most motorhomes have inherent drivability issues from the factory. Our focus at WeldTec Designs, include the Class C on the E-series chassis, the Class A on the f-53 chassis and the small Class B, like a chinook or Roadtrek.  Most of these motorhomes are built on a generic chassis, which doesn’t account for weight distribution or length of coach for the massive variety of floorplans offered by RV manufacturers. Think about how many floorplan options are currently being offered by RV manufacturers all using the same chassis.  For example; consider the same RV with and without a full wall slide and the increased weight difference from the added moving parts.  We even see some manufacturers add a 1” block to the driver side just to accommodate the weight in order to keep the coach level. With that being said, let's dive deeper into our 5C Approach to improving RV suspension.

Most RVs lack the desired control on highways and even city streets, due to low spring rates.  A highly suggested “fix” for this issue is heavy duty sway bars along with other “band-aid” products which promise improved control.  While these options are widely offered and recommended, they don’t address the real issue.  Instead of just strapping an expensive contraption to your coach, WeldTec Designs takes things a step further and completely replaces the inadequate suspension components with equipment designed and rated for the weight of your coach.  This upgrade will reduce sway, giving you better control of your RV.

Do you clench your teeth every time you pull in and out of a driveway or gas station, waiting to hear that horrid metal on asphalt grinding sound, due to the lack of clearance on your coach? Many components such as hydraulic leveling jacks, entry steps, sewer pipes and trailer hitches lack the clearance necessary to avoid costly damage caused by normal driving conditions.  WTD suspension packages range from 2” - 6”, giving you ample clearance and peace of mind during your journeys, while helping you to avoid damage to your undercarriage.

Getting to your destination, whether it be on the highway or a graded dirt road, may feel as though your motorhome is going to shake apart.  The main culprit  is a combination of an overloaded chassis with inadequate suspension components. We have designed all of our suspension packages to give you the comfort you would expect from your RV. We are not adding gadgets to your current suspension, we are completely replacing your core suspension components, creating optimal comfort.

At first glance of your RV, you may notice that the rear sits undesirably low.  Upon closer examination, you realize your rear leaf spring is negative and lacks the support necessary to adequately handle the weight of your rig or towing load. Common fixes include expensive helper springs or air bags in an attempt to lift the rear of your coach. Many manufacturers add these just to get the overweight coach off the lot, selling you on the false added benefit. The WTD progressive leaf springs are designed to the weight and specifications of your RV.  This is going to correct ride height as well as improve load carrying capacity and tongue weight.  Our proprietary springs will also reduce sway, eliminating the need for an aftermarket sway bar or other band-aids

When driving your RV you want to be confident in knowing you’re going to reach your destination stress free, eliminating white knuckle driving and fighting to keep your RV in its lane. No more worrying about disrupting your undercarriage while pulling in and out of driveways. Bumps, dips and harsh roads are no match for our shocks and suspension packages. Sway and common handling issues as well as towing are a thing of the past with WTDs suspension.  This is our 5C Approach which is going to instill ultimate driver Confidence on your next journey.

If you would like to know more, please check out our other YouTube videos where you can find many examples of these suspension packages installed on other coaches.  Of course you are going to have more questions and our knowledgeable sales staff is happy to assist you in selecting the best suspension package for your RV.  If you want to take it a step further, schedule a test drive at our facility in San Diego.

Thanks so much for learning about our 5C Approach to motorhome suspension.  We look forward to improving your suspension for your next journey.