The WeldTec Designs “No What-If’s” Program for Vans!

The WeldTec Designs “No What-If’s” Program for E-Series Van Suspension Lift Kits!

Everyone knows there are plenty of differences between a 2 Wheel Drive and a 4 Wheel Drive build for your E-series van.

Even on the various explorer forums and enthusiast communities we’re involved in, there are several threads discussing the pros and cons of 2WD and the benefits of 4×4. Those of you who have 4×4 love it, and those who don’t have it… want it. We get it.

IF price were no factor, everyone would probably choose 4WD, but we know money doesn’t grow on trees. This is why we want to help you out!

To eliminate any “what-if’s” when upgrading, we’ve come up with a creative solution for our loyal customers.

We will accept our WTD 2 Wheel Drive kits as trade-in credit towards any of our WeldTec Designs brand products

This way, if you someday upgrade to 4×4, you can trade in your old 2WD suspension for cool upgrades and accessories for your 4×4 van! Trade in your old WTD 2WD bent-beams lift kit and get a new bumper for your van, etc!


Why It’s Offered & How It Works:

For situations where justifying the upfront expense of adding four-wheel drive is not an option, we offer our full-line of 2WD van suspension packages to take performance up a notch.

Many 2WD van owners may not want to put the money into a 4WD conversion, but would still like to run bigger tires and increase their overall ground clearance. However, if they long-term plan to convert to 4WD… it may be tough justifying spending the money now, just to buy a 4×4 kit in a year or two to replace it.

The fact is, most 2WD owners who upgrade their 2WD suspension end up being more than satisfied with the performance gains over stock. It tends to be a great value-based upgrade, and you get a lot of bang for the buck. BUT, there’s still always the chance that long term they’ll end wanting more. Then, 4×4 here they come!

By taking advantage of our exclusive “No What-If’s” program, those of you doing your research on the best 4×4 conversions, or saving for that big day, can benefit from the additional freedom in upgrading your van suspension.

When you decide you want more performance and 4×4 is a MUST HAVE for your van, simply give us a call! Let us know who will be doing your 4×4 conversion. You or your installer can return your WTD 2WD performance kit and receive a credit towards our growing line of products.

We are taking the “what if’s” out of the equation. No more doubting your decision or upgrade path!

Just one more way we can help make sure you are completely satisfied with our products!



*Some restrictions may apply. Worn or damaged parts will not be credited. Amount credited will be determined upon receiving suspension components.