WeldTec Designs on Race-Dezert!

WeldTec Designs has been a member of the Race-Dezert community since we can remember!

Over the years, we’ve listened to input from the various online desert and off-road racing communities, among them Race-Dezert being one of the most vocal (both positive and negative) but welcomed source of input from our peers, fans, and haters. We love you all!

We’ve featured our WeldTec Designs shop Toyota Tundra on Race-Dezert as well as used it as a source of general critique and feedback. We know you can’t please everyone, but we do our best to try!

At WeldTec Designs we strive to consistently put out the best work possible. As both a shop, team, and brand, our company has matured a lot over the past 15+ years.

The Grape Vine called, and told us despite not being able to please everyone… we were doing a great job! So we kept on pushing, and look where it’s taken us!

We’re now THE place to come for E-series and Van lifts, and we have a full lineup of lift kits and products for Rangers, Tacomas, Tundras, Titans, and any major platform out there!

If you need something custom, we can build it! Give us a call today @ 619-562-9831