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Toyota Tundra Boxed Long Travel Kit



Boxed long travel kit: 2000-2006 Toyota Tundra TRD 2×4

The WeldTec Designs Toyota Tundra Boxed Long Travel Kit is the ultimate performance kit for your two wheel drive. This kit is will give you 20” of wheel travel and is 5” wider in the a-arms an 1.5” wider in the spindle for a total increased track of 13”. The lower A-arm is a chromoly boxed and internally gusseted for incredible strength and bolts to the factory mounts.

To mount a parallel uniball a specially designed CNC uniball cup was made to house the 1.25” uniball. The stock spindle is replaced with our custom fabricated chromoly boxed spindle which houses a 1.25” uniball for the upper control arm pivot. A specially designed Bearing carrier to insure this kit will handle the roughest terrain. The upper control arm is made of a CNC machined Billet aluminum that use two ¾ heims to mount up in the new mounting brackets that weld to the frame.

The stock steering arms and rods are replaced with our custom tire rods that include a machined adapter which threads into your stock rack and pinion to mount one of the two ¾” heims and chomoly tire rods. A custom shock mounts and upper control arm mount for the two King 2.5×12 dual rate coilovers and optional bypass shocks. To finish of the kit we include limit straps and steel braided brake lines.




Additional upgrades:

Custom Powder coating

2.5 King bumpstops

3” fiberglass fenders

One piece fiberglass clip


Rear suspension Options

Custom Leaf Springs

5100 Bilsteins

Rear Bed cage

2.5×16 King shocks

2.5×16 King 3 tube bypass shocks

Rear fiberglass fenders

Pull stock Bedsides

2.5 king coilover

none, yes

2.5 king triple bypass

none, yes

tig welded

mig, tig


none, professionally installed


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