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WELDTEC DESIGNS – Coil-Over Conversion System for the Quigley 4×4 w/ 3″ Lift


For too many years the Chevrolet van suspension has been neglected, not any more! The WeldTec Designs coil-over conversion system eliminates the traditional torsion bar setup with a 2.5 King coil-over shock. This kit is designed to allow your Quigley 4×4 conversion work to its maximum potential and allowing you to run a 35″ tire. To do this we moved the suspension forward in the new ultra custom coil-over system. Utilizing the stock coil bucket for mounting we designed a machined 6061 aluminum adapter to house the new 2.5 King coil-over shock.  We didn’t stop there, we designed a 4130 chromoly boxed internally gusseted lower control arm featuring 7/8 uniballs at the upper pivot points and a 2″ uniball at the pivot point. Completely taking Chevrolet vans to the next level we machined a block 6061 aluminum into a stunning upper control arm. Using 3/4 heims at the frame pivots and 2″ uniballs at the spindle.  To make mounting these new arms simple to the existing spindle we machined 17-4 stainless spindle to uniball adapter pins, then heat treated them for maximum strength. With the suspension dialed in at 10-12″ of front wheel travel we had to finish it off with upgraded steering.  Using a custom machined chromoly adapter to mount to your factory steering to allow the 3/4 heim at the pivot and a 7/8 heim at the spindle connected by a machined 6061 aluminum tire rod.

If you want the ultimate performance out of your Chevrolet Quigley suspension this is the kit for you.


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