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The wait is over for all you 3rd gener’s! The Ford Econoline lift kit for the 2 wheel drive van owners who love the look of the lifted van! Maybe you just want  bigger tires or want to improve your suspension performance to get you to the spot you love to camp? The Baja Grocery Getter 8.0 6″ kit allows you to run a 285 tire like the Baja Grocery Getter kit for the 4th gen. This kit not only lifts your van but will increase overall performance and update your van to the 4th gen 2008 and newer front components. With newer model spindles that give your van the adjuster for that perfect alignment. We added bigger brake rotors and brake calipers alon with new Our goal is to make you van drive amazing!  The “Double Down” kit for the third generation Ford Econoline is the latest kit to do that. Using the same concept as our Baja Grocery Getter suspension with the brick nose vans. The look of the 2 wheel drive lifted van With a total makeover of the front
This kit…..
6″ lift kit, technically our Baja Grocery Getter kit.
We updated the complete front suspension to a 2008 and newer Ford E250.
I beams
Radius Arms
FOX shocks by Agile
Fox Steering Stabilizer Kit
Brake lines
In the rear:
Custom leaf springs
FOX shocks by Agile

Pictured here with 285 tires on 16″ wheels…
EVERYTHING has been replaced…… you have an old van with brand new suspension and a lift kit…. Not sure it can get much better?


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