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Chevrolet Express Van 4×4 Coilover Conversion


Chevrolet Express Van 4×4 Coilover Conversion:

Are you ready to take your 2 wheel drive van to the next level? We have the 4×4 conversion system for you!

Our never ending goal to improve upon the existing products or lack of options for your Chevrolet Express van resulted in us developing our own 4×4 conversion. These kits use components that are fabricated by WeldTec Designs to give your van the ultimate ride both on and off road.. By fabricating our own upper and lower A-arm suspension components this allowed for more tire clearance to run 35″ tires. Our Chevrolet Express Van 4×4 Conversion has 10″ of front wheel travel while coupled with a set of performance leaf springs to allow for 24″ of articulation, not bad for a full size van.

The first part of this lift kit is the Chevrolet Express 4×4 Coilover Suspension. Next up is a combination of parts that you will need to complete this conversion.

  • Manual 2 speed hi/low shift transfer case
  • Front 9.25 differential with axles (custom gearing and lockers available)
  • Rear Driveshaft & Front Driveshaft
  • Driver & Passenger side upper diff mounts
  • Transmission Cross member
  • In dash indicator lights
  • Manual shift lever in cab next to drivers seat.
  • 3″ lift blocks with Fox shocks in the rear   (custom Leaf springs and King shocks are available for additional cost)

* When installed By WeldTec Designs you can add custom options:

  • Front & Rear gears and or Locking differentials
  • on board air compressor
  • custom color options

Converting your van to 4×4 is expensive so why not do it in stages. Add the Chevrolet Express 4×4 Coilover Suspension to get the lift you want and set you up to complete the 4×4 conversion later.

Please give us a call to discuss more options for your van.




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