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Chevrolet Express Tube Winch Bumper STEALTH


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Chevrolet Express Tube Winch Bumper STEALTH

When building your Chevrolet Express van there comes a time when you want to add a winch. Our Chevrolet Express Tube Winch Bumper gives you the ability to run a winch nicely tucked under your grill. The Stealth tube bumper is constructed of 2″ mild steel tube and only sticks out 6″ in front of the grill, which is nearly the same distance as your OEM Chevrolet Exwpress front bumper. The winch is securely mounted behind the skid plate which also gives you a mount for your fair lead. In addition we have added 2 D-Ring mounts to secure your winch cable.

With the addition of your Chevrolet Express Tube Winch Bumper STEALTH gives you the opportunity to add additional Lighting. With several different mounting options you don’t have to be left in the dark on your next Overland adventure.

If your not crazy about the existing visual aspect pf the stock sheet metal we offer aluminum cover plates nicely conceal the stock core support for an ultra clean STEALTH appearance.

Adding a winch bumper is going to protect the front end of your van while giving it an ultra clean appearance.



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