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Chevrolet Express Van Lift Spindle (1996-2002)

Chevrolet Express Van lift Spindle 1996-2002

Do you want to lift your Van and improve the suspension components for a improved ride? Our kit is designed as the ultimate upgrade for your early Chevrolet Express van. The custom fabricated 3″ lift spindle is the perfect component for lifting your 2 wheel drive 2500/3500 van. The WeldTec Designs 3″ lift spindle uses all of the factory mounting keeping the factory geometry. The best part about this kit is you upgrade your brake components with current year model. This upgrade includes new steering as well as updated hubs, brakes rotors are now a 2 piston caliper to give you better braking capabilities. This kit also increases the track width nearly 2 inches per side to improve stability. Designed to work with your stock upper and lower arms with the ability to add on additional components for increased lift and suspension performance. The kit also improves clearance between the upper control arm and the coil bucket section of the frame. This kit allows you to run a 265x75x16 tire with plenty of clearance.

The WeldTec Designs Chevrolet Express lift Spindles are made from chromoly plate and Tig welded for maximum strength.


  • 3″ Chromoly lift spindles
  • Modified lower control arms
  • Steering upgrade
  • Lower ball joints
  • Extended brake lines


Available from WTD or source locally.

  • 2017 Chevrolet Express hubs
  • Brake rotors
  • brake calipers
  • brake pads
  • hardware

Optional Items:

  • lift spacers for additional height (285 or 33 inch tires)
  • limit straps
  • Fox shocks (front)
  • steering stabilizer and mounting brackets
  • long travel leaf springs
  • Fox Shocks (rear)
  • fiberglass mini fenders

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