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Aluminum Rear Bumper

In our never ending goal to bring you QUALITY new products, we are proud to introduce or new ALUMINUM line of products.

Now that you have lifted your van you have realized you really want a full size spare tire mount and while your at it lets ditch the stock bumper! We think we have just what you need in our new Aluminum rear bumper, tire carrier and auxiliary rack. The great thing about this bumper is that you can add to it as you build your van. Starting off the the Aluminum plate step bumper giving your van the protection it needs and the look it deserves. When your ready to add a spare tire mount, no problem! Our Aluminum Swing Spare Tire mount easily bolts in to your Aluminum Plate Rear Bumper without removing it. You want to add an Aluminum Box or Gas & Water, or maybe all of it? The addition of a second swing makes possible for your additional gear. Both of these Aluminum swings feature a Sealed Bearing hub assembly for the pivoting arm and a double locking adjustable latch to secure them closed.


*** All bumpers are raw with powder coat option.



Bumper only, none

Drivers Side

Spare Tire, Aux, none

Passenger Side

Spare Tire, Aux, none


Lighting, other, None


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