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Ford E-Series suspension lifts and components.

If your looking to get the ultimate ride out of your 2 wheel drive Ford Econoline van we have everything you will ever need. All of our kits are designed to improve performance while lifting your van to allow for larger tires.

Let us know the desired tire size you want to run and we can help you make the big decisions between the our lift kits:

Baja Grocery Getter 6″ kit

 Octillo Cruiser 4″ kit

 Performance Leveling Kit 1.5″

Our Ford E-Series Suspension lift kits are perfect for any year van as well for 2008 and newer models that have RSC. Utlizing stock pivot points the WeldTec Designs lift kits do not upset the RSC.

Do you still have questions about lifting your Ford E-Series van? please give us a call or send us an email and we will help you pick the perfect kit for your Ford Van.